This is how wind turbines work without moving parts

Earlier this year we wrote about Aeromine's small wind turbines that have no moving parts (at least on the outside), and now Matt Ferrell from the channel Undecided has taken a closer look at the promising product.

The big improvement compared to regular wind turbines is that they do not disturb the local environment in the same way, and can, for example, be placed on roofs without taking up much space. The idea is also that the wind turbines should be able to be used on larger premises to produce electricity for a greater part of the day, compared to if only solar panels had been used.

According to Aeromine themselves, the 5 kW wind turbines can produce around 14.3 MWh/year. An average solar plant of 21 solar panels producing 5 kW can produce about 4.5 MWh/year.

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The power nest is exactly what I've been dreaming of for years. Some kind of a hybrid system of wind and solar working in conjunction with each other. And from some of the examples in the video, they look potentially easy to install on buildings.

Now comes the next part of my dream: somehow combining power nest technology with green roof infrastructures.

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