This is how NASA and ESA will bring stuff home from Mars

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has released a video showing off how their so-called "Mars Sample Return" (MSR) is supposed to work once it arrives in Mars.

MSR is a system consisting of several components whose goal is to retrieve samples from Mars and then send them back to Earth.

The MSR consists partly of a Mars lander where NASA's rover Perseverance will provide the samples it has collected on Mars since it arrived on the Red Planet last year.

The samples will then be launched from Mars in a missile-like container that will then dock with a spacecraft in orbit around Mars. This craft will then bring the samples back to Earth.

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In 2027, NASA and ESA plan to send the spacecraft that will be in orbit around Mars to the planet. The Mars lander itself is scheduled to be sent up in 2028. If everything goes as NASA and ESA have planned, the samples from Mars could be back on Earth sometime in 2033.

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