3 Blue Bloods characters who may not be returning for Season 14

Blue Bloods Fan-Favorite Character Won’t Return in S14

We’ve got a long off-season ahead of us with Blue Bloods season 14 delayed until 2024 due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Due to the strikes, there isn’t much known about the upcoming season of the show but what we do know is that the show’s core cast members are all expected back for season 14 — which is amazing, as we couldn’t stand to lose any member of the Reagan family or their inner circles.

While we’re expecting most of the Blue Bloods cast back for season 14, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few members of the show’s cast who we’re not expecting back. After all, with such a large ensemble and filming on season 14 going to be working on a tight schedule once production begins, it’s only natural that the show might not be able to bring back next season.

As we look ahead to the upcoming season, let’s take a look at three characters who we probably won’t be seeing in season 14.

Will Jackie be in Blue Bloods season 14?

After her departure in the third season of Blue Bloods, we honestly had never expected to see Jennifer Esposito return as Detective Jackie Curatola. So when Esposito returned in the season 13 finale, fans were understandably thrilled!

Getting to see Jackie back on the show after all these years was truly magical. It was as though Esposito and Donnie Wahlberg had never missed a beat as they effortlessly reignited the incredible chemistry we always loved between Danny and Jackie.

Unfortunately, we’re not expecting Esposito to return for another encore in season 14. While the show has taught us never to say never, there have been no whispers of Esposito returning in any capacity next season.

Still, we can’t entirely rule out Esposito returning as Jackie again now and hope we haven’t seen the last of her on the show!

Will Nicky be in Blue Bloods season 14?

Throughout the first ten seasons of Blue Bloods, Sami Gayle was a staple as Erin’s daughter, Nicky. As the eldest Reagan grandchild, Nicky often was involved in some of the show’s key storylines often playing opposite Frank and Erin.

As time passed and Nicky headed to college, her screen time on the show lessened significantly following season 10. We only saw the character once in season 11, she was MIA in season 12, and only appeared in one episode last season.

With Gayle no longer a series regular or recurring player on the show, there is a strong chance we probably won’t see much of Nicky again next season. However, there is one major factor that could open the door for her to return!

Nicky’s departure from the show actually coincided with Gayle heading off to college, which restricted her ability to appear on the show. Now that Gayle has officially graduated and is back in New York, there is a chance the writers could find a way to bring her back into the fold on a more frequent basis.

Will Jack be in Blue Bloods season 14?

Speaking of Reagan family members who we’re not 100% certain we’ll be seeing again next season, there is Tony Terraciano who played Jack Reagan across the show since its debut.

Much like fellow cast member Sami Gayle, Terraciano’s character was written off of the show in recent seasons as Jack headed off to college. This storyline came as the result of Terraciano heading off to college in the real world and his class schedule preventing him from also filming the show.

Terraciano’s role in the series began to lessen in season 9 and in the seasons that followed we only saw Jack appear in a small handful of episodes. Because of this, it seems safe to assume we probably won’t be seeing Jack back at Sunday dinners for most, if not all of season 13, as Terraciano is still in school.

He has managed to appear in at least one episode every season, so we’re hopeful that we’ll get at least one episode with Jack next season. However, with the start of production delayed, it’s unclear how the updated filming schedule will align with Terraciano’s school and whether the writers will be able to pull off a return for Jack in season 14.

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