Tom Selleck doesn't think 'Blue Bloods' Ending anytime soon


Tom Selleck is hoping for a few more seasons, at least, for his CBS series, Blue Bloods.

The 75-year-old actor spoke with TVInsider about the season finale, airing tonight, May 1, and revealed that he doesn’t see the show ending just yet.

“I’d like them to order two seasons. We can do much betters shows if we know where we’re going,” Tom says. “This show has lasted because the characters have been allowed to grow and change. The potential is limitless in my opinion. The cast seems to love each other; I sure love them.”

He adds, “The actors are doing phenomenal work. Everybody’s very much aware that this is maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity—a show that’s found its way and is welcomed by an audience. I’m ready to go back when it’s okay to start again.”

Tom also spoke to People, sharing that the family dinner scenes are some of his favorites.

“Our dinner party scenes are like a reunion of friends,” Tom says. “Sometimes it’s hard for the directors to get us to concentrate. We do the work, and we do it well, but we’re also screwing around and kidding each other and catching up. What we have is truly a blessing.”

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