YouTuber builds huge keyboard

Should you be interested in building a slightly larger keyboard than the one you usually use, you might be able to pick up some tips and tricks from Glarses, a British YouTuber whose videos are often about keyboards.

Glarses is said to have been keen on a giant keyboard after seeing the large keyboard that Razer usually displays at trade shows, as seen in the embedded tweet below. However, Razer didn't seem keen on selling its keyboard so the Glarses decided to build their own giant keyboard.

To manufacture the keyboard, he printed both the keyboard chassis and keys in 3D printers. The switches on the keyboard were the so-called Big Switch from Novelty Keys. According to Glarse, the keyboard must have cost 12,000 pounds to build. In the clip below, you can check out when Glarse lets YouTuber and gamer BTMC test his giant keyboard.

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