Yellowstone: Season 2 Ending EXPLAINED — Who REALLY Kidnapped Tate?

Yellowstone Season 2 just wrapped on CBS. Was this the best season ever? Ep. 9 and Ep. 10 breakdown.

Did any of the Duttons die in battle? Plus two secrets about Tate's kidnapping you never knew before now.

0:00 - Yellowstone Season 2 season ending explained
1:41 - Should Yellowstone ended after Season 2?
4:37 - Jamie Dutton shocker! He never saw THIS coming
8:20 - Beth Dutton boutique scene - an all-timer!
11:00 - The Tate Dutton kidnapping scene you never saw
14:40 - The story of John Dutton's Father
17:00 - Is Dan Jenkins a good guy or a bad guy?
21:05 - The truth about Tate Dutton's rescue
26:30 - Yellowstone Season 3 preview

Source: YouTube/TasteofCountry

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