Yellowstone Spinoff in the Works? Cole Hauser & Kelly Reilly Eye Rip & Beth Series

Rip & Beth Take the Reins? Yellowstone Stars Seek Spinoff Series

Rip & Beth Take the Reins? Yellowstone Stars Seek Spinoff Series

As the fifth and final season of "Yellowstone" draws to a close, fans are wondering what's next for their favorite Dutton Ranch residents. According to insider sources, Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly, who portray the iconic couple Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton, are hoping for a spinoff series centered around their characters.

Spinoff Hopes

An exclusive report from Life & Style revealed that Hauser and Reilly "believe audiences would flock to a new show starring their characters." The chemistry between Rip and Beth has been a major draw for viewers, and a spinoff could delve deeper into their complex relationship and individual backstories.

Big Money on the Table

Both actors have reportedly earned a hefty $700,000 per episode during their time on "Yellowstone." With their newfound financial success, they could potentially leverage their popularity to secure a lucrative deal for a spinoff. "They've grown accustomed to the big bucks!" the insider noted.

Sheridan's Uncertain Plans

Hauser himself hinted at future possibilities in a recent interview with Country Living, mentioning that creator Taylor Sheridan has "some stuff on the horizon."

While there's speculation that Rip and Beth could appear in the Paramount+ spinoff tentatively titled "2024," nothing is confirmed. Sheridan is known for changing his plans, so fans will have to wait and see if their wishes for a Rip and Beth-centered series come true.

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