Woman Spots weird, gross blob - Finds Puppies in their placentas dropped by mama who didn’t know what was happening

woman Finds Puppies in their placentas dropped by mama

I was walking alongside the road on my birthday, which is in HOT August, when I saw a weird, gross looking blob on the ground. Then another. And another. And the last one MOVED! It was puppies, still in their placentas, dropped by what I assumed was a new mama who didn’t know what was happening (I’ve seen that happen with dogs before). Anyway, I snatched up the one that was still alive, tore off the placenta so he could breathe, and then thought.. “What am I going to do now??” I called my husband, and asked him “If God sends me a birthday present, I can’t refuse it, right?” and he said “Of course not… what did he give you?” and I told him. I couldn’t tell what breed he was, but I took him home, cleaned him up, wrapped him up in a blanket, and took him to the vet, who checked him out. He had started really crying, so I anxiously got him some milk (it was actually kitten milk replacer because they were out of puppy, but I got puppy milk replacer shortly after).

This is Mo.

I fashioned a terrycloth bag to hang around my neck, and carried him everywhere I went. Props to puppy moms, it’s not easy work. Fast forward to midlife Mo:

He was my bestie for a very long time; so smart, protective, and fun.

And exactly 14 years later, on our birthday, he crossed the rainbow bridge. He was always frightened at the vet hospital, so my country vet came out to help him on his way, lying next to me on a blanket, under his favorite tree in our yard. What a wonderful birthday gift he was.

source Quora/KReed

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