Active On And Off Screen - Tom Selleck Does His Own Thing To Stay Fit

Tom Selleck n very good shape at 78

Tom Selleck and former co-star Larry Manetti shared a "Magnum" moment in a recent episode of "Blue Bloods."

The 78-year-old veteran Tom Selleck, who played private detective Thomas Magnum in the 1980s hit TV Series "Magnum P.I.", looked delighted as they posed for a photo together during a break. And be careful, because despite his age, he is in very good shape.

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Tom Shelleck, addicted to action

The popular CBS series premiered in 1980 and concluded in 1988. Then it had its remake… But that role brought fame to Selleck who, decades later, continues to star in action series such as Blue Bloods, in which he leads a family of NYPD cops.

"I don’t know if there’s a secret to success. But I’ve seen a lot of people in this business, because I’ve been working since I was 21. But only at 35 would I tell you I had my first regular job, with Magnum. And even then I didn’t accept the fortunes I was being offered to advertise.

I turned down millions of dollars at the time. I thought, "If Robert Redford and Paul Newman don’t advertise, I won’t".

I didn’t think it was possible to have a long career like this. Magnum’s success was amazing and I was everywhere too. I don’t have so many tricks up my sleeve either, but long runs are very rare. Nowadays we actors are always exposed even if you do not want…".

But… what does Tom Selleck do to keep in such a good shape?

I think the passion I bring to my work is fundamental”. I still get nervous when I film and feel that fear of the first few times. It keeps me alert and fit".

Interestingly, he is an avocado lover, and runs a farm in California with a huge plantation growing avocados fruit, and earning millions of dollars a year.


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  1. Debbie Richardson says:

    He is beautiful inside and outside. Love his smiles. Have always been a fan of his. He is totally fit. Age does not matter. His wife and daughter are beautiful.

  2. I think he is very fit and totally gorgeous I. Have been a huge fan of his sister beginning of Magnum PI. An altar is westerns with I watch on record because I am busy. I’m a doctor I report down and watch them. Sometimes I forget to hit record before I leave home and I’ll hit it from my smart phone believe he is a wonderful person.

  3. Linda says:

    He has said in other interviews that he hates avocados.

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