Several journalists suspended from Twitter

CNN reports that several journalists have been suspended from Twitter. The suspended journalists have not been given any information as to why they were suspended but it appears to be because they were tweeting about the suspended Twitter account @ElonJet, a twitter bot that before it was suspended automatically tweeted out the whereabouts of Elon Musk's private jet.

According to Gizmodo, it is about at least nine American journalists, from among others the Washington Post, New York Times and CNN, who have now had their accounts suspended from Twitter. After it was noticed that the journalists were banned from Twitter, the owner of the service Elon Musk posted a poll. There, Musk's followers had to answer whether the now suspended accounts would be reactivated immediately or in seven days. At the time of writing, over 58 percent have responded that the accounts should be reactivated immediately.

The Verge reports that social media service Mastodon's Twitter account has also been suspended after tweeting a link to @ElonJet's account on Mastodon. It also looks like Twitter is now blocking tweets containing links to certain posts on Mastodon , writes The Verge further.

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Above is a CNN feature where Anderson Cooper talks about the whole thing with CNN's own reporter Donie O'Sullivan, one of those whose account has now been suspended on Twitter.

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