'NCIS: Los Angeles': 9 Characters We Want to See Again Before the Series Ends


With NCIS: Los Angeles' days counting down, we can't help but think of what we'd like to see with the time we have left.

We love the big explosions, exciting cases, and undercover opportunities on NCIS franchise, but it's the characters that make the show great. And by that we mean the show's regulars, recurring characters, and even some of the one-time guest stars that have appeared over the course of 14 seasons.

These characters include some favorites from JAG. (NCIS: Los Angeles is an NCIS spin-off that first aired as JAG's backdoor pilot.) Scroll down to see who we'd like to see one last time (and yes, we know there aren't enough episodes left to see them all.

We're looking forward to seeing Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) again, and we appreciate the time she's been spending away from the office. We're not opposed to a episode that focuses on her whereabouts and what happened while she was away, but we'd also love to see her in the office again, and we're not too picky. We hope she can officiate Callen's wedding like she did for Kensi and Deeks.

We haven't seen the same level of operations since Eric (Barrett Foa) and Nell (Renée Felice Smith) left. They moved to Tokyo at the end of Season 12 to co-run an international office of his company. But with Callen's wedding coming up, it would be the perfect excuse for an L.A. visit. And if that happens to include a stop in Ops, we wouldn't complain.

Nate (Peter Cambor) is so far from his days as the team's operational psychologist, but knowing them (especially Callen), a return from him would easily fit into an ongoing plot of these final episodes: Callen's past and specifically Pembroke (from the CIA program when the agent was a kid).

Kessler's threat to Kensi continues to be a worry to us. We would love to see him taken care of - onscreen, because Daniela Ruah and Military's scenes were so chilling. After all, he's a threat to Kensi's life, as well as Deeks and Rosa's.

David James Elliott and Catherine Bell reprised their JAG roles of Harm and Mac in Seasons 10 and 11 of NCIS: Los Angeles. The easiest way is through a few cases, but a quick video call can also provide some information about what Hetty’s up to as well.

This is kind of a deep cut: Paul Angelo (Daniel Henney), the NCIS agent who got a little too into an undercover assignment in Season 5’s “Three Hearts.” He was a fun character, and he owes Hetty. Maybe she could collect regarding whatever she’s up to overseas.

The FBI agent Alicia Coppola has worked with the team in the past, most recently on the Body Stitchers case. We're a bit surprised she hasn't been killed off yet, but just like we'd like to see that case resolved, we hope she returns for the resolution.

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