Saying Goodbye: A Look Back at Beloved NCIS Departures in 2024

NCIS character exits that will hurt in 2024

NCIS Endures Cast Departures: A Look at Season 21

NCIS, a stalwart of television for over two decades, has seen its fair share of character departures. Yet, the showrunners have masterfully maintained its quality, unlike others that falter when a lead character leaves.

Nick Torres' Fate: Rumors and Uncertainty

Season 21's delay and the recent actors' strike leave details about character departures scarce. Rumors swirl that Nick Torres, played by Wilmer Valderrama, might be written out due to personal controversies surrounding the actor.

While Torres is a core member of the NCIS team, and Valderrama's silence due to the strike is understandable, fans hope these rumors are false. Torres' personal storyline was a highlight of season 20, and his absence would be a loss.

Farewell to Ducky: A Confirmed Loss

Sadly, David McCallum, who brought Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard to life, passed away. Production delays meant filming couldn't take place before his passing.

The show will undoubtedly address Ducky's absence, but how they handle this remains to be seen.

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