Monarch Tractor releases self-driving tractor

Monarch self-driving electric Tractor

The American tractor company Monarch Tractor has now shown off a bit more of its MK-V self-driving tractor. It's an electric tractor that the company builds alongside the Taiwanese company Foxconn, the company that also nails most of Apple's iPhones together.

Monarch Tractor presented plans for an electric and autonomous tractor earlier this year and now the tractor has also started production, the company writes in a press release.

The autonomous tractor is called the Monarch MK-V and uses Nvidia's Jetson Xavier NX, a system that gives the tractor self-driving capabilities and the ability to perform other farming-related tasks.

"Monarch utilizes the latest autonomous and robotics hardware and software technology, including the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI platform, to provide driver-assist and driver-optional operations. The Monarch MK-V can perform pre-programmed tasks without a driver, or an operator can use the Monarch interactive automation features including Shadow mode to have the Monarch Tractor follow a worker on the job."

Monarch says

The Monarch MK-V will have an operating time of approximately 10 - 14 hours on one battery charge depending on the tasks being performed. Prices for a Monarch MK-V starts at around $70,000 without VAT. Below is a video that shows the MK-V a little closer.

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