NCIS Star Mark Harmon Confirms Exciting New Career Move!

Mark Harmon Confirms New Career Move

After leaving his role on the popular police procedural two years ago, Mark Harmon has confirmed that he will release his first book this year. Scheduled to release on November 14, Ghosts of Honolulu: A Japanese Spy, a Japanese American Spy Hunter, and the Untold Story of Pearl Harbor is a historical non-fiction book co-authored by former Special Agent Leon Carroll Jr.

Mark Harmon, NCIS Star, to Release First Book on Pearl Harbor Tragedy

The book will tell the gripping true story of Japanese-American spy Douglas Wada, who, under the guise of a local reporter, gathered intelligence on the Japanese for the US Navy following the Pearl Harbor tragedy.

Mark Harmon, NCIS Star, to Release First Book on Pearl Harbor Tragedy
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Mark Harmon on Writing About NCIS Work in New Book

In an interview with PEOPLE, Mark Harmon shared his reasons for exploring the work of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) in his latest book. Harmon highlighted the value of learning from history and emphasized the importance of the work done by NCIS agents. Harmon added that he hopes readers can discover something new and appreciate the agents' contribution to society.

Additionally, Harmon acknowledged the crucial role of his co-writer Carroll Jr., who he met on the set of NCIS and with whom he has developed a close friendship.

Mark Harmon on Writing About NCIS Work in New Book
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"I was always asking him about the right way to do something or the way he would do something. There wasn't any interrogation I was ever part of on this show that I didn't talk to him about," Harmon said. "So when this idea came to me, I wanted it to be real. I said I wouldn't touch this without him."

Mark Harmon Talks About His Final Scene on NCIS and What's Next

After appearing on the hit show for 19 seasons, Mark Harmon left NCIS in 2021. In his final scene, Special Agent Gibbs was captured winding down on an Alaskan fishing boat after closing a significant case. Harmon is grateful for having more flexibility in his life, much like his NCIS counterpart.

He stated, "I have the time to do whatever I want. I can schedule a dinner with the boys [his sons], plan a trip, or anything else. I'm incredibly fortunate - it's not something I take for granted."

NCIS airs on CBS (US), Seasons 1-20 on Disney+ (UK).

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