Kevin Costner Had A Rare Clause In His 'Yellowstone' Contract That Caused Exit Drama


New details are emerging about Kevin Costner‘s Yellowstone contract, which seems to be at the center of the drama between the actor, and series creator, Taylor Sheridan.

If you don’t know, the 68-year-old actor had apparently “exited” the series after the show completed airing the first half of season 5.

There hadn’t been any information about the root cause of the issue surrounding Kevin‘s exit from the hit series, until now.

Per Puck, via Town & Country, the issue of Kevin‘s exit lies in his contract with a very rare clause.

It’s believed that Taylor had written most of the ending episodes of the series already, without Kevin‘s John Dutton in them, which hinted at an exit of the character. However, Kevin has a clause in his contract where he had a say in just how John would be written out.

Referred to as a “moral death” provision, the clause reportedly gives Kevin a provision to approve or veto any possible way that John Dutton can and cannot be killed on the show.

“In particular precluding methods what would cause shame or embarrassment to the character,” the clause, a rare one to include in many actors contracts, reads.

Taylor previously spoke about how John Dutton wouldn’t be dying in an interview with THR, and fans are in understanding that a car crash is off the table.

With this clause in place in Kevin‘s contract, which he’s not under any more because of its expiration, it’s also clear why he says that he would go to court over it.

There’s no set date for the back half of Yellowstone‘s season 5 to pick up filming, or a premiere date in sight.

You can read more about the series, and the potential spinoff planned from it.

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