Donnie Wahlberg' 1st Guy Jenny McCarthy Gave Her Number to - Renewed Wedding Vows for 8th Time

Donnie Wahlberg Is 1st Guy Jenny McCarthy Gave Her Number to - They Renewed Wedding Vows for the 8th Time

Jenny McCarthy's biggest fear was being a lifelong single mom until she met and married Donnie Wahlberg. Both have repated their wedding vows for eight years. On November 1, 2022. She turned 50 on November 1, 2022 and is considering adopting more children.

Jenny McCarthy is one of America's most popular television hosts. Despite her fame, the TV presenter still felt like something was missing. She was also a single mother to a son she shares with her ex-husband.

McCarthy longed to be in a relationship with someone she truly loves. She is happy to be a mother with a successful career, but never thought that a lasting relationship with the man she loved would happen to her.

However, on November 1, 2013, McCarthy invited Donnie Wahlberg to join her talk show, "The Jenny McCarthy Show", and the two got along well. Wahlberg had a family history of being a single father of two sons. It looks like the two got along really well on the show, and soon after they announced that they were dating.

In 2022, 9 years after they met, they're still happily together on McCarthy's 50th birthday. After a long time as a single mother, McCarthy enjoyed having Wahlberg around. In an interview, she said that she liked him a lot, but one thing stood out:

"My favorite thing is that I found my soul mate."

McCarthy Found Love When She Met Wahlberg

After her divorce from John Asher, the TV presenter tried dating a few guys, including Jim Carrey, Jason Toohey and Brian Urlacher. Unfortunately, no relationships lasted more than a few months.

McCarthy first met Wahlberg when the two were invited to "Watch What Happens Live" hosted by Andy Cohen. No sparks flew yet at that time. The timing seemed right when Wahlberg came as a guest on McCarthy's talk show.

McCarthy shared that although they both want more children, she has no interest in raising a baby again.

At this point, the talk show host had been single for a year, but the two quickly hit it off. During the show, they chatted happily on various topics, and the episode ended with the two playfully lying on the floor, sucking on lollipops.

McCarthy was immediately attracted to Wahlberg, so she gave him her phone number. But it took almost two weeks for the singer to call her back after the show. She started wondering why he hadn't called, giving various reasons he might not be interested.

But eventually he made a phone call and the two got to know each other. They had to put aside all the media and stories to get to know each other. According to McCarthy:

"I think a lot of times we get caught up in the fantasy of who we think somebody is, and instead we trusted getting to know who each other are for real. So we paid attention to each other, we didn't make up things, we didn't Google each other."

Dating as Single Parents

At first, we were easygoing, and enjoying each other's company. Wahlberg said the experiences in previous marriages taught them a lot: they both knew what caused things to fall apart, so they approached the relationship from a mature perspective.

McCarthy and Wahlberg were already parents before they met, which added a whole new dimension to their situation. Nevertheless, the two enjoy being step-parents. Wahlberg talked about how McCarthy got along with the kids:

"Besides being the best wife that I could have ever imagined having, she's also the best stepmom and mother. She's a great partner and to simplify it, having someone to build traditions with my children and it being Jenny is probably the thing I'm most grateful for."

Wahlberg has two sons, Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg and Xavier Alexander Wahlberg. McCarthy raised only one boy, Evan Asher. Only two of the three still live with them, but the couple seems to want more offspring.

McCarthy says while they both want more children, she's not interested in raising another child. She also notes that so many children are in foster care, she believes they all deserve the love of a united family.

After eight years together, Wahlberg has made it his yearly duty to surprise his wife in some new way on their anniversary.

Given that train of thought, it's no wonder that once Xavier and Evan leave home for college, the couple decided to adopt. They're both up for the challenge, and they acknowledged each other's parenting skills, saying it helped their relationship.

McCarthy praised her husband for the role he has played in her son's life so far. She also thanked him for his willingness and joy to welcome Evan to the flock. When he married her, it was clear to him from the beginning that he would also play an important role for her son.

McCarthy and Wahlberg renew vows every year

As they each place a high emphasis on parenting, they also understand the importance of investing time in each other. Both extended their wedding tradition every year. Wahlberg's commented:

"Some people ask 'why do you renew your vows every year?' Those tend to be the same people that also ask 'how do you keep your marriage so new?'"

In August 2022, Wahlberg decided to make his eighth vow renewal special. Although their wedding anniversary fits that tradition, the musicians wanted to celebrate a surprise anniversary at Madison Square Garden.

He noted that he knew this year would be tricky, but he likes to work hard to see the surprise on her face. McCarthy told Wahlberg:

"Every year you surprise me with our vows and every year I fall deeper into the rabbit hole of love with you. Thank you for making our love a priority and making everyday feel like the most ultimate adventure with my best friend, lover and soulmate."

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