Hugh Laurie, The Actor From “house,” Mentioned That His Dad Would Have Disliked The “Fake Version” Of A Doctor On The Show Rather Than A Real One.

Hugh Laurie Feels He Took a Shortcut by Becoming a TV Doctor Instead of Following His Father's Footsteps

Hugh Laurie, the actor best known for his role as Dr. Gregory House in the medical drama "House," has opened up about his regrets regarding his career path. Despite achieving immense success in Hollywood, Laurie feels he disappointed his father by not becoming a real doctor.

Laurie's father, Dr. William (Ran) Laurie, was a respected physician and Olympic gold medalist in rowing. Hugh followed in his father's footsteps academically, attending the same college at Cambridge University. He even joined the rowing team with aspirations of competing in the Olympics and pursuing medicine afterward.

However, Laurie's path took a turn when he discovered the Cambridge Footlights drama club. There, he met his comedy partner, Stephen Fry, and actress Emma Thompson. This launched a successful career in British comedy, including roles in shows like "Blackadder" and films like "Sense and Sensibility."

In 2004, Laurie landed the role of Dr. House, a cynical genius doctor in the American medical drama. The show propelled him to international fame, earning him a Golden Globe Award. However, the intense pressure and long hours took a toll on Laurie.

Despite his success, Laurie grapples with the feeling that he chose a shortcut compared to his father's esteemed career path. He acknowledges the guilt he carries, stating, "My father had high hopes for me following him into medicine… We live in a world of shortcuts, don't we? And I took them. Dad would have hated that."

Laurie continues to act but seems to hold a sense of admiration for the path not taken. His story highlights the pressure to meet parental expectations and the complex emotions surrounding success and fulfillment.

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