How NCIS' Sean Murray (Timothy McGee) Lost So Much Weight in Season 8

NCIS How Timothy McGee Lost So Much Weight In Season 8

In season 8 of NCIS, everyone was surprised by Timothy McGee's weight loss. People started wondering if Sean Murray's weight loss would also be addressed in the show. McGee has been around since season 1, episode 7 and is one of the most well-loved characters on the show. He started off as a bit of a bumbling sidekick to Tony DiNozzo, but quickly proved his worth with his computer skills. He's also got a bit of a funny relationship with his boss Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and is always trying to earn the respect of his colleagues.

Tim also got to show off his leadership skills when Special Agent Gibbs left. As time went on, McGee became a really respected senior special agent at NCIS. But the biggest change in him wasn't his job, it was his looks. They didn't really talk about it on the show, except for one joke about using the stairs and laying off the doughnuts. But in real life, Murray decided to get healthy and lost 25 pounds. So it wasn't really a character development thing, just something he did for himself. That's why they didn't make a big deal out of it on NCIS.

Sean Murray Confirmed His Weight Loss Routine On Twitter

Sean Murray Confirmed His Weight Loss Routine On Twitter

NCIS is full of mysteries, but Sean Murray put the mystery surrounding his weight loss to bed in a tweet to his followers. The NCIS actor said: “To those who have asked what I did to lose the 25 lbs: 14 months of no alcohol and almost no sugar. Ate strictly organic.” (via Twitter). This diet certainly did the job – so much so that some NCIS viewers were concerned that Sean was unwell. But after he revealed that the Sean Murray weight loss was down to eating healthily, many viewers praised Sean for his incredible transformation.

How Timothy McGee's Changing Look Reflects His Character's Growing Status

How Timothy McGee's Changing Look Reflects His Character's Growing Status

During the span of 19 seasons, Tim McGee transformed from a nerdy and frequently teased newbie agent to the most experienced field agent in the NCIS team. The weight loss of Sean Murray was a result of his personal choices and also coincided with McGee's journey. Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, wouldn't have been as great without Murray's portrayal of McGee. Murray's personal growth and decision to lead a healthier lifestyle played a significant role in McGee's development as an agent and in balancing his professional and personal life.

It's not just about losing weight - Murray, who plays McGee on NCIS, has improved as an actor since taking on the role. McGee's appearance has also changed since season 14, with him sporting a goatee and looking more like a capable investigator. Though he's not the leader of the NCIS team, McGee is one of the most senior field agents. He's come a long way from his geeky beginnings and has earned his place at the top of the NCIS table.

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