Hii, Boris here and my first day in my furever home

Thats me yesterday when the plane landed and we waited for my new dad to come for us a the airport !!!

Just for quick context, my foster human Milli stays a few days to ensure everything goes well, thats why she is there to take pics !

So first in the morning we went to a cafe for breakfast,I met a few other dogs and I napped under the table !!!

Then we went for a walk at the port. I never saw so much water at the same place in my life ! It was a bit scary !

Here I tried going into the boat, except my dad said I better not because it wasnt our boat 😅🤣

Went back in the car after the long port walk to have a drink ! Im very nice in the car, I just sit quietly and wait for our next stop !

We then went to a restaurant to eat, and again I was very polite all the time, the waitress was totally under my charm as I slept cutely between the chairs !!!!

We then went on to meet a very nice lady and her boyfriend who are good friends of my dad, they gave me some cheese and ham !!! And I was happy to cool off on the cold refreshing floor tiles !

Then I got to see my dad's camping car !! Its very small but all is made of recuperation material inside, it looks very cool !

Finally we went home again …

…and now Im sleeping like a baby in my basket ! ❤

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