Heartbreaking Departures of Beloved NCIS Characters in 2024

NCIS character exits that will hurt in 2024

Being on TV for over two decades, NCIS has bid farewell to all of its leading characters at one point or another. It's a testament to the showrunners and writers that they have been able to maintain the quality of the show despite these changes. Unlike other shows that end when their main character leaves, NCIS continues to thrive.

Is Nick Torres leaving NCIS season 21?

Season 21 has been delayed until 2024, and while the writers' room has reopened, there aren't many details available yet. However, rumors suggest that there may be more characters leaving the show.
One of the rumors is that Nick Torres may be written off the show due to personal controversies surrounding the actor who plays him, Wilmer Valderrama.

What happened to Eleanor Bishop on NCIS

While the character has been an essential part of the NCIS team, Valderrama has not been able to comment due to the actors' strike. We can only hope that these rumors are unfounded, as Torres' individual storyline was one of the most captivating aspects of the previous season.

Is Donald “Ducky” Mallard leaving NCIS season 21?

Sadly, it has been confirmed that David McCallum, who played "Ducky" on the show, has passed away. If production had resumed during the usual summertime period, McCallum would have been able to film scenes for the show. However, the delay until 2024 means that McCallum died before any filming could take place.

It's unclear how the show will address his death, but we can expect a heartfelt tribute to the actor, possibly with cameos from original cast members.

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