Grey's Anatomy: The character everyone hates and wants to see out of the medical drama

Greys Anatomy Fans Want Dr. Levi Out

Grey's Anatomy has gone through some pretty big changes lately. Ellen Pompeo, who played Meredith Grey, has moved on to other projects. And Krista Vernoff, the showrunner is also leaving after this season. Even though the show will be back for season 20, some fans are surprised that one character is still around and getting a lot of hate.

As fans will remember, when Patrick Dempsey wanted to spend more time racing cars, creator Shonda Rhimes had him die in a car accident on the show. Katherine Heigl was kind of a troublemaker, and Rhimes kicked her off when Izzie Stevens got fired from surgery. TR Knight didn't feel like it had any interesting plot, so George O'Malley got hit by a bus.

Shonda Rhimes has been on a roll with cutting characters (like every season) and fans are shook when she chops off someone who matters and isn't even that hated. And now, peeps want a certain someone gone, not because of the actor, but 'cause the character's not progressing or they never vibed with them from the start.

Fans have been talking about Jake Borelli leaving Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Levi Schmitt. Seems like a lot of fans ain't too fond of Schmitt, who first popped up on season 14. He's had his share of blunders, While he's been on the show, he's done things like accidentally dropping his glasses into someone's open body or giving too much blood and passing out during surgery. His superiors usually see him as a clumsy intern.

Fans hope to see Jake Borelli's character out of Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy: Fans Want Dr. Levi Out
Grey's Anatomy: Fans Want Dr. Levi Out

Although he's gained confidence over time in both his personal and work life, coming out for a while and and dated a fellow orthopedic intern, Nico (played by Alex Landi). But it's obvious that he's not very popular among fans. Grey's Anatomy is on its nineteenth season and about to start the twentieth, but the show is getting a bit stale, especially since Ellen Pompeo is absent.

So, the producers thought it would be cool to bring in a new batch of interns for season 19 to be like the OG five - Meredith Grey, Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), Izzy, and George. But, they haven't gotten the hang of it yet, and if they don't shape up, they could end up being as annoying as Schmitt, who fans are begging to get rid of.

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