From Yellowstone to new ventures: Kevin Costner sets his sights on exciting opportunities

From Yellowstone to New Ventures Kevin Costner Sets his Sights on Exciting Opportunities

Yellowstone fans were shocked after Paramount revealed their beloved series would conclude following season 5. But it appears as though one Yellowstone star has already moved on from the hit western.

In a recent post on social media, Kevin Costner teased an update about his upcoming film saga, Horizon: An American Saga. Costner has yet to say anything about the Yellowstone drama, making it pretty clear that he’s ready to move on.

Kevin Costner sets his sights beyond ‘Yellowstone’

Paramount recently confirmed that Yellowstone will end after its fifth season, set to air later this year. The news came following months of rumors about tension between Costner and series creator Taylor Sheridan.

Fans have been waiting to hear from Costner ever since Paramount dropped the news. But instead of discussing the show’s conclusion, Costner recently took to Instagram to share an update about his other project.

The actor posted two photos about his upcoming movie project, Horizon: An American Saga. The first image was a screenshot that revealed that Giovanni Ribisi, Kathleen Quinlan, and Glynn Turman have officially joined the film.

The second image showcased a clapboard for Horizon, which is going to feature at least four movies in the saga. Costner made no mention of the recent Yellowstone news in the post, much to the disappointment of his followers.

“The epic that keeps getting more epic,” he wrote.

Fans react to Kevin Costner’s ‘Horizon: An American Saga’ post

Costner’s post comes as Yellowstone fans are still dealing with the news about the show’s future. The final episodes in the series will premiere in November, a change from its original summer schedule.

The shocking news came on the heels of reports that Costner wasn’t happy with the direction Sheridan was taking the drama. The actor also allegedly told Sheridan that he only had one week in his schedule to finish filming season 5.

The news about Yellowstone ending seemingly confirmed that something was amiss behind the scenes. And fans were hoping that Costner would break his silence and shed light on the reports.

Unfortunately, Costner’s latest post did not appease fans. In fact, it only led to more questions about whether or not Costner will return to finish the second half of season 5 of Yellowstone.

“Please don’t quit Yellowstone. You make [our] lives better with this show. There is no Yellowstone without you,” one fan wrote.

While another added, “I’m sure this will be great however can you please let us know if you are seeing Yellowstone out or what??”

Costner did not react to any of the comments on his post.

‘Yellowstone’ star opens up about a different western — ‘Horizon’

Costner remains tight-lipped on his future on Yellowstone. However, he recently broke his silence regarding his latest endeavor. In an interview with Variety in June 2022, he shed light on his forthcoming project, set against the backdrop of America’s Western frontier.

This ambitious undertaking aims to delve into the lives of both settlers and the Indigenous communities that originally inhabited the land. Furthermore, Costner shared insights into his unique approach to capturing the narrative, shooting four movies over an extensive eight-month period.

“It’s a really beautiful story; it’s a hard story,” he stated. “It really involves a lot of women, to be honest. There are a lot of men in it, too, but the women are really strong in Horizon.”

Costner went on to reveal that Horizon is a project that is very close to his heart. Although it has been one of the hardest undertakings of his career, the Yellowstone star confessed that it is “exactly what I want to do.”

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