Erin Krakow on 'When Calls the Heart': Elizabeth & Nathan are Soulmates

Erin Krakow dishes on Elizabeth and Nathan's soulmate connection, teases more romance in 'When Calls the Heart' Season 12.

When Calls the Heart Stars Tease 'Soulmate' Romance for Elizabeth and Nathan in Season 11

When Calls the Heart stars Erin Krakow and Kevin McGarry are fueling the excitement for Elizabeth Thornton and Nathan Grant's budding romance in season 11. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Krakow, who plays Elizabeth, revealed her belief that the characters are "soulmates" and teased a deeper connection this season.

McGarry, who portrays Mountie Nathan, echoed Krakow's sentiments, hinting that fans will gain a clearer understanding of their "endgame" by the season finale. He playfully remained coy about the specifics of their romantic future, building anticipation for the remaining episodes.

Season 11 has seen Elizabeth and Nathan grow closer after her split with Governor Lucas Bouchard. Despite a cautious approach, the duo has received blessings for their relationship and continues to spend more time together. Krakow emphasized their respect for Lucas and consideration for their children as factors contributing to their slow-burn romance.

When Calls the Heart Stars Tease 'Soulmate' Romance for Elizabeth and Nathan in Season 11
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Looking ahead to season 12, Krakow expressed her desire to continue telling meaningful stories for fans and explore new experiences for her character. McGarry chimed in, acknowledging Hallmark's penchant for love stories and suggesting more romance is on the horizon.

With only two episodes left in season 11, fans are eagerly awaiting the resolution of Elizabeth and Nathan's love story. As Krakow herself put it, she wants "more romance," and it seems Hallmark is ready to deliver.

When Calls the Heart airs on Hallmark Channel Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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