A Special Visit: Cole Hauser Shares Photo with his Mom on the 'Yellowstone' Set


Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler on Yellowstone, comes from a showbiz family. His dad, Wings Hauser, is an actor known for his roles in projects such as Tough Guys Don’t Dance, The Young and the Restless, and Roseanne.

Wings’ father (Cole’s paternal grandfather) was the Academy Award-winning screenwriter and producer Dwight Hauser.

Cole’s mom is Cass Warner, and she is the founder of the film production company Warner Sisters. She comes from the famous Warner family, with her own grandfather being Harry Warner, the co-founder of Warner Bros.

Yellowstone‘s fifth season was in production in September 2022. Cole was hard at work filming scenes for the new episodes. His mom paid him a visit in Montana, and got the chance to hang out with him on the Yellowstone set.

Cole shared a photo from the time they spent together. The picture shows him and his mom on horseback with the Yellowstone ranch in the background.

Momma, I’m so happy to have this time with you. Let’s keep riding in life. Love ya!” Cole captioned the picture, which you can see below.

Cass shared the picture on her own Instagram page, and said:

OK…love this post! Woke up to these kind words from a very kind, wise old soul…The pride I feel is SO golden! The talent, the caring, the persistence and just knowing is something to behold! Treasured time with one of my favorite people!!! @colehauser22 More sharing laughter and rides in the future! Love ya.”

We’re glad Cole’s mom got the chance to visit him on set! 

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