Blue Bloods Really Needs to Stop Forcing This Couple, Fans Say

Blue Bloods Really Needs to Stop Forcing This Couple, Fans Say

Don't get us wrong, these two are great partners, but as a romantic couple, they fail on all fronts.

Sometimes you can be a power duo, but it doesn't mean you should immediately plan a wedding. This seems to be exactly the case for Blue Bloods ' "sweethearts", Jamie and Eddie.

What started off as a professional partnership slowly evolved into romance, but it's not like every Blue Bloods fan is particularly fond of it.

In fact, many people believe that Jamie and Eddie would have worked a lot better as work partners, and not a couple.

"While it was cool to see Jamie and Eddie take down those drug runners like their partner days, there is barely spark between them as a romantic pair. It feels forced and it's painful to watch.

Jamie always comes off disinterested in her. He made that jab "I wish she was kidding" about eating all that tiramisu, and he doesn't initiate physical contact," Redditor lattech41 said.

While Jamie certainly appreciates Eddie's professional skills and respects her as a police officer, everyone can agree that this is not quite enough for a romantic relationship. But some people think that the reason is different.

"For me, this is just something that occurs on television. They're interesting when they're a will they won't they, and even the dating phase. But once their years into marriage, they become not that interesting," Redditor Zaiah_black said.

It's true that the chemistry works best when there is some uncertainty in the air, but it doesn't mean that all married couples should immediately be deemed boring. Right, Blue Bloods?

Jamie and Eddie accepted their feelings towards each other and engaged in season 8. Now that Blue Bloods is heading into its 14th season, things may feel a little dull.

Well, looks like the writers have plenty of work to do in order to light that spark back!

  1. David Dean Webster says:

    she is the one character that I do not care for, and I agree better partners than married couple

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