Blue Bloods: One Quote That Perfectly Captures Each Character's Personality


The Blue Bloods show has a large audience due to its well-developed characters. The Reagan family and their members have distinct personalities that sometimes cause drama, but they always come together for Sunday dinner. Each character has a memorable line that sums up their personality.

Danny Reagan

"Well, I’d like to beat the crap out of you, but guess what, sometimes we don’t always get what we want, do we?"

Danny Reagan is the middle brother who is always quick-witted and vocal, even while working. He speaks his mind, particularly when he thinks suspects are being uncooperative or arrogant.

Although he sometimes says things that upset his bosses, being the police commissioner's son gives him some flexibility. His sharp one-liners may make his older sister roll her eyes, but they endear viewers to his character.

Erin Reagan

"Yeah, that’s a beauty to being the boss; I get to call the shots."

Erin Reagan is a smart character on the show Blue Bloods, and she got her job as Assistant District Attorney because of her intelligence. Even though her field is dominated by men, Erin is confident in giving orders and ensuring they are followed, both at home and in the office.

She is strict and doesn't tolerate any non-sense, following her father's example of doing everything by the book and avoiding anything that could harm her case, unlike her brother Danny.

Jamie Reagan

"I will always have your back. If you fall behind, I will wait up."

In his vows to Eddie, Jamie accurately describes his personality. Despite being the youngest of the Reagans, Jamie is a reliable source of support when the family goes through tough times.

He is fiercely protective of his loved ones, even if it means risking his own safety. Despite his youth, Jamie has a serious demeanor and is sincere when expressing something sentimental, he truly means it

Henry Reagan

"Bad things happen to everyone, boys. We all get knocked down. What matters is you get up. You keep going."

Henry Reagan, like many grandpas, has a lot of wisdom to share with his children and grandchildren. He is known for using his position as the wise elder of the family to provide his family with the advice they need.

Despite facing many difficulties, Henry has remained resilient and has helped his family through many tough times. He is a beloved and wise grandfather figure.

Frank Reagan

"I would walk down to the local precinct and turn myself in because nobody's above the law, and without the law, nobody is safe."

Tom Selleck portrays police commissioner Frank Reagan, who is characterized by his strict adherence to rules and regulations, even in imaginary scenarios. Frank takes his job seriously and has difficulty loosening up, rarely seen enjoying himself, even with his grandchildren.

The hardships faced by his family have toughened Frank into the stoic patriarch that viewers have come to recognize. Only in the rarest moments of happiness does Frank exhibit a smile, and it is often only for a second.

Abigail Baker

"…What I never understood is how important your visit is to the officer's family. Thank you."

Abigail Baker is a strong and stoic person who is Frank's perfect match. However, unlike Frank, she is more likely to express her true feelings when necessary. She acts as a barrier between the commissioner and the outside world, and she decides who can meet with the commissioner.

Abigail remains professional and composed in the most difficult situations, such as when her husband is shot. She thanks the commissioner for her support during this difficult time, and she remains professional despite the emotional circumstances.

Garrett Moore

"We have more than we can handle on every given day as it is."

Garrett Moore is skilled in his role as Deputy Commissioner of Public Information but he doesn't shy away from expressing the challenges of his job, despite his impressive office.

He is known for being outspoken in front of the commissioner and is not afraid to defend his work. With his intelligence and quick wit, Moore's extroverted personality is a great asset for his job.

Maria Baez

Maria Baez looking concerned in Blue Bloods

" Maybe it's time to follow my gut."

Marisa Ramirez is the only Latinx lead on the show and Baez is Danny's partner that perfectly meshes with his personality. She knows when to control him and when to let him be himself.

Baez follows protocol but also takes risks if she believes it will help solve a case. She doesn't give up on a case if she thinks she can solve it.

Eddie Janko

"I knew you were in trouble before you even were."

Eddie and her partner running into an alley in Blue Bloods

Eddie Janko had to mature faster than others, making her intuitive and able to recognize when loved ones, especially Jamie, need support. Although she used to hide her emotions, she has become more open and emotionally available as she trusts the Reagans.

This has transformed her from a mysterious new cop to a wise street cop who can be both compassionate and tough.

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