Instant Family: Bridget Moynahan Shares 'Blue Bloods' Cast 1st Family Dinner

Blue Bloods' Sunday Dinners Became More Than Tradition - They Bonded the Cast


Police shows have always been popular, and with seasoned actor Tom Selleck leading the cast, Blue Bloods was bound to be a hit. According to star Bridget Moynahan, the cast also formed a close bond right from the start of filming.

Moynahan plays a vital member of the Reagan clan on 'Blue Bloods'

The cast films a family dinner for Blue Bloods
Blue Bloods family dinner | John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

The show revolves around New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Selleck) and his relatives. This includes not only his retired cop father, Henry Reagan (played by Broadway icon Len Cariou), but also his children: Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg), Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Moynahan), and Sergeant Jamie Reagan (Will Estes). These five are the main characters who appear in every season.

As a key player on the show, Moynahan herself has spoken about how she identifies with her character. Since Blue Bloods is all about a law enforcement family, it would definitely benefit from a real sense of camaraderie behind the scenes, mirroring the bond the characters share. Luckily, this seems to be true, according to Moynahan.

Moynahan says the 'Blue Bloods' cast clicked quickly

In an interview, Moynahan revealed how she got involved with Blue Bloods. She had previously worked with Wahlberg on a 2009 TV movie called Bunker Hill. And it was Wahlberg who convinced Moynahan to join the cast. Because they got along well on that earlier project, Moynahan agreed to play Erin Reagan on Blue Bloods, a decision she hasn't regretted.

“The moment the cast all met on the first day of filming, we shot a family dinner scene. It was introductions, then ‘Sit down!’ and we became a family right away,” Moynahan told the crowd at The 92nd Street Y, to enthusiastic applause. Clearly, by now, fans of Blue Bloods feel a similar connection to the cast of their favorite show.

Moynahan has directed episodes of 'Blue Bloods' as well

Just like the characters Moynahan and her co-stars portray, the cast has also grown and evolved over the years. In Moynahan's case, she's even moved behind the camera. In 2022, she directed a Blue Bloods episode, Season 12, Episode 17, titled "Hidden Motives." In 2023, she directed another episode, Season 13, Episode 9, titled "Nothing Sacred."

With no signs of ending soon, fans remain enthusiastic about the Reagan family's ongoing adventures. So it's very likely that Moynahan, Selleck, Wahlberg, and the rest of the cast will keep Blue Bloods going for several more seasons.

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