Yellowstone's Kelly Reilly Says She Still Gets Surprised Over Some Beth Dutton Storylines

Photos: Paramount Network

Kelly Reilly is opening up more about playing Beth Dutton in Yellowstone.

In a bonus featurette (via Insider) from the Paramount Network’s hit series, the 45-year-old actress chatted about how she is still surprised with what Taylor Sheridan writes for Beth’s storylines, and called them unexpected.

Kelly says that even though she’s portrayed the character for five years, she’s still learning more about Beth each day.

“I’m coming to it almost the same as the audience,” she shared. “I mean, I have my hopes and thoughts for the character. Also, as I’ve played her for over five years now, I feel like I know her so well, but I’m still learning.”

Kelly added, “There are still things that I read and I didn’t expect, or sometimes I wish for something else for her, but that’s the same as the audience. We’re all sort of beholden to the vision of the storyteller and we serve the story. Who knows what’s going to happen? I find that exciting as an actor.”

In another featurette, Kelly opened up about what she thought the series finale would be like.

If you missed it, there’s been an update about Yellowstone spinoff, 1923, and its second season.

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