'Yellowstone' Fans Will Love This Top Video 'Rip's Fierce Loyalty'

Missing Yellowstone? Relive Rip's Best Moments in This Video

Yellowstone Fans Will Love Rip Fierce Loyalty

Now that Yellowstone is over for the time being, my Sunday nights are suddenly pretty open, but instead of looking at anything else, I'm still digging deep into Yellowstone's bonus content.

I've seen the real Dutton Ranch, put together all the Yellowstone The Soundtrack playlists, listened to more Ryan Bingham and Whiskey Myers than ever before, and watched the Bunkhouse Story series. .. I’ve done it all.

And the thing to say about the Dutton family is that Rip Wheeler is the star of the show.

Rip is a very loyal villain, the ultimate badass, and in my opinion, he's the character that really drives the show. Add Beth and you have a power couple that will make Bonnie and Clyde jealous.

And if you're a Rip fan, you'll love this highlight reel from Rip Wheeler.

*Spoiler alert… if you’re still catching up, you might want to skip this one.

and while we’re at it, check out Beth and Rip’s love story set to Tyler Childers’ “Lady May.”

@jdarosa115 🥺 #yellowstone #ladymay #tylerchilders #fyp ♬ lady may yellowstone version - Jenna Noel 📷

And thankfully, they’ve already started filming for Season 5.

Watch the compilation of love scenes between Beth and Rip in the video below.

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