Donnie Wahlberg Shares Touching Video from Late Mom as he Celebrates his Birthday

Actor Donnie Wahlberg marked his birthday with a touching video dedicated to his late mother, Alma. The Blue Bloods star shared heartfelt moments, expressing his love and gratitude.


Actor Donnie Wahlberg marked his 52nd birthday with a mix of emotions. On Tuesday, August 17th, the "Blue Bloods" star posted a heartfelt video message to Twitter, a prerecording from his mother, Alma Wahlberg, who sadly passed away in April 2021.

The iPhone video captured a warm and loving message from Alma. "Happy birthday, Donnie!" she beamed. "It's Mummy. Oh, I wished I was with ya on your birthday. I miss you. But I hope you have a wonderful birthday—you deserve it. I love you. Okay, baby."

The authenticity of the video resonated deeply with fans. While the exact date of the recording remains unknown, the emotions it evoked were clear. Donnie's caption further amplified the sentiment:

"52 trips around the sun, with no rocket ship, and the ride gets sweeter," he wrote. "#ThankYou. Not a single moment is promised to me, but each one is appreciated. Today's no different, I am #thankful. #Love each other."

The post struck a chord, garnering over 46,000 views and 1,000 comments. Fans and celebrities alike offered condolences and birthday wishes.

"Happy birthday Donnie," one fan wrote. "May Alma watch over you and the rest of the family. She was so proud of you. We are thankful for all that you do. Have a Blessed day."

Jenny McCarthy, Donnie's wife, chimed in with a touching message: "She is with you. Smiling. And telling you that you're still her favorite."

Our thoughts are with Donnie Wahlberg as he celebrates his birthday. This bittersweet occasion reminds us to cherish the moments we have with loved ones.

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  1. Steve Scarano says:

    She is the Angel on your shoulder Donnie WALBURG. Happy Birthday! Smile be happy. May your moms soul rest in Eternal peace.

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