Tom Selleck Reveals Heartbreak from 34 Year-Old Love Affair: TV Tough Guy Still Cries Bitter Tears


Even the toughest guys have a soft side, and Tom Selleck is no exception. Reports from indicate that the actor was visibly emotional during a screening of his made-for-cable movie series. The character of Police Chief Jesse Stone, haunted by a break-up with his beautiful wife, echoes Selleck's own experience with heartbreak. The 34-year-old love affair still brings him to tears.

Wiping tears from his eyes, Selleck admitted to being so emotionally stung by a scene he couldn't stop crying. And he identified with Stone from the first time he saw the script.

"I just read it and said, 'I have to play this guy,'" says Selleck, whose "wonderfully flawed" character is based on the Robert B. Parker detective novels.

Selleck, who still plays Frank Reagan on the CBS series Blue Bloods, was heartbroken when his first wife filed for divorce. Stunning model Jacki Ray supported him for 10 years while he struggled to survive in Hollywood before hitting it big on Magnum, P.I.

He even adopted her son from a previous marriage.

"The bust-up was the worst thing that ever happened to me. I thought I'd be married for always."

said Selleck

Ray blamed Tom's Magnum success for destroying their marriage. He moved to Hawaii to film the series and as his star rose, so did his desire to begin dating Hawaiian beauties, dished a source.

"Tom is a very charming guy," said the insider. "He fell in love with the island and with the island girls."

When Ray witnessed Selleck and his bevy of babes on the news, she hit the roof.

"Soon after seeing them, she filed for divorce, telling pals she couldn't stand the pain of seeing Tom have a good time with other women," reveals an insider. "He was playing the field — and enjoying it!"

Ray "was crushed by the way their marriage hit the skids when he hit the big time — and thought it showed how fickle Tom could be," said another insider.

"She never suspected Tom would dump her after she had stood behind him during all the lean years when he was a struggling actor looking for a major role."

Their divorce was finalized in 1982, with Ray walking away with just three years of support, a car and the house in which they lived, said a source.

Showbiz insiders speculated Selleck — who is worth an estimated $25 million — is riddled with guilt, "just like Jesse Stone."

The 71-year-old actor has since found bliss with his second wife, Jillie Mack, who he married in 1987. They made a pact to never fight.

"We decided long ago that fighting was a waste of time," a pal quoted Tom as saying.

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