The 10 Best NCIS Characters, According to Reddit

Redditors know their NCIS

If there’s one thing that TV audiences never seem to get tired of, it’s crime shows. While there have been countless interpretations of the genre, all with their own distinct angles and appeal, there are some that have yet to be dethroned as all-time greats. One such series is NCIS, a show that’s been keeping eyes glued to the screen for nearly 20 whole years.

With too many episodes to count, as well as several spinoffs including Los Angeles and New Orleans, it goes without saying that this universe’s cast of characters is massive. While there are many characters to root for, here are a few that Reddit users singled out (in no particular order) as their all-time favorites.

10 Leroy Jethro Gibbs


Played by Mark Harmon, Leroy Jethro Gibbs is an NCIS Special Agent overseeing the Case Response Team until his retirement from the force.

One of the very first NCIS characters, Gibbs is one of the characters that has seen the most, and his longevity has clearly been appreciated by many fans of the show. In one r/NCIS thread, a user by the name of johninga dubbed him one of the best main characters, noting how Harmon’s performance may very well have been a reason the show lasted as long as it did.

9 Nicholas Torres


Nicholas Torres is a member of the NCIS Major Case Response Team as a Special Agent, and is played by Wilmer Valderrama.

While he’s certainly a character that has been talked about on both ends of the likability spectrum, many fans on Reddit see him as a sort of acquired taste. User lifesariskcarnal1 expresses how much more badass and mature the character became following the death of Clayton Reeves.

8 Diane Sterling


Played by Melinda McGraw, Diane Sterling is one of the IRS’ criminal investigators, as well as Leroy Gibbs’ and Tobias Fornell’s ex-wife.

While not necessarily as championed a character compared to some of the fan’s all-time favorites, the comments in r/NCIS were quick to bring her name up as an underrated member of the show. User whatitdewwbabyyyy notes that her appearances were often marked by great comedic moments.

7 James Palmer


James “Jimmy” Palmer is a licensed doctor and the NCIS Major Case Response Team’s Chief Medical Examiner, played by Brian Dietzen.

Seemingly liked by NCIS fans across the board, this beloved doctor is heralded as a character who only gets better as the story progresses. User Classic-Bowl-9940 notices how one of his great qualities is that there’s much more to his character than meets the eye, with his importance being built up more over the past couple of years.

6 Clayton Reeves


Played by Duane Henry and introduced in season 13, Clayton Reeves is an MI6 officer who acted as a Liaison to the NCIS.

Though his stay on the show was cut short, only appearing in seasons 13 through 15, he certainly left an impact on fans. Reddit user Frod02000 is one fan who expressed how sad it was to see the character killed off before getting a chance to fully develop.

5 T.C. Fornell


Tobias C. Fornell (played by Joe Spano) is an associate of the NCIS Major Case Response Team, as well as an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

There’s a lot to love about Fornell, starting with his relationship with Gibbs, which user LikelyTrisaccharide applauds as one of the great dynamics among NCIS‘ cast of characters.

4 Kate Todd


Caitlin Todd is a member of the United States Secret Service who was a part of Air Force One’s Presidential Protective Detail, and is played by Sasha Alexander.

When discussing favorite characters, fans of the show were sure not to leave Kate’s name out of the conversation. User allenknott3 laments her departure from the show, even imagining a world where she could have helped take over the team.

3 Ziva David


Played by Cote de Pablo, Ziva David is an Israeli Mossad member turned NCIS special agent, who eventually joins the Major Case Response Team.

This elite agent is a favorite for many Reddit users, making her way into many “best character” conversations among fans. According to Komedian83, her main draw is the way her character is layered with badass skills along with a special sort of vulnerability.

2 Leon Vance


Leon James Vance is played by Rocky Carroll, serves as the director of the NCIS, and is introduced in season five.

The man in charge, many fans took a little while to come around to him, but most seemed to end up with Vance as one of their favorites. User ptazdba explains how much of the interest surrounding him is related to much of the mystery and tension that envelops his story, with everyone wanting more of his backstory.

1 Anthony DiNozzo


Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior is the Major Case Response Team’s Senior Field Agent, and is played by Michael Weatherly.

An iconic member of the show, Tony Dinozzo is wildly beloved and respected by the fandom, making almost everyone in the r/NCIS thread’s top ten favorite characters. User HarleyQueen95 credits much of his popularity to his character development.

  1. USMCSpartan says:

    Don’t need a narcissist he-man who adds nothing else, Tim McGee has much more depth

  2. Faye says:

    There has got to be a way to bring back Caitlin Todd.

  3. Olla Tucker says:

    The show is at 1in my family book we love all of them wish Ziva and Tony baby can come in as a young agent and learn to be a kick butt agent like Ziva Ducky and maggee is the best. Tony was just a little bit pushing Magee to much so Magee has to be a little bit more a harder and not let them play him he was the Smartest

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