What Yellowstone Fans Still Don't Get About Rip Wheeler

Rip Wheeler: A Man of Few Words, Even Fewer Emotions

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Is Rip Wheeler Yellowstone's Most Misunderstood Cowboy?

Yellowstone's popularity continues to surge, and so do discussions about its characters. Among them, ranch hand Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) sparks passionate debate. Initially admired for his toughness and loyalty, Rip's recent behavior has left some viewers conflicted.

A Shift in Perception:

  • Fans initially loved Rip's dedication, even when it involved violence.
  • Season 4, however, displayed a harsher side, including towards newcomer Carter.
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Fan Reactions:

  • Some viewers, like u/Middle_Presence3965, find his behavior towards others, especially Carter, unacceptable.
  • Others, while acknowledging his past trauma, believe he needs a reality check (u/7ruby18).
  • Some suggest the writers are intentionally challenging the audience's perception of Rip (u/bigtankbaybay).
  • His relationship with Beth Dutton is seen by some as fueling his aggression (original post).

Not all Yellowstone fans like Rip’s attitude

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Despite the criticism, fans still hope for redemption:

Despite the criticism, fans seem to hold onto hope. Maybe Rip can learn from his actions and become the hero they once saw in him. Only time, and perhaps the upcoming "Yellowstone" universe expansions, will tell.


Overall, Rip Wheeler's character arc has sparked a fascinating debate among Yellowstone fans, highlighting the complexities of human behavior and the challenges of maintaining a moral compass in a harsh environment.

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