NCIS: Tony & Ziva – Beloved Duo Returns in Thrilling European Spinoff

'Tiva' Fans Rejoice: Beloved Characters Reunite for New Paramount+ Adventure

NCIS: Tony & Ziva – Title Revealed for Paramount+ Spinoff

Fans of the iconic NCIS duo, Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David, rejoice! Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo are back in an exciting new Paramount+ spinoff series, officially titled NCIS: Tony & Ziva.

A European Adventure Awaits

The beloved pair revealed the news in a charming Instagram video, confirming that the series will be filmed in Europe this summer. The storyline promises intrigue, romance, and the stunning backdrop of European cities, all while Tony and Ziva navigate "impossible situations" and rekindle their love.

The Story So Far...

After years apart, Tony and Ziva reunited in Paris, where they began raising their daughter, Tali. However, their peaceful life is shattered when Tony's security company is attacked. Forced to go on the run, they must unravel a dangerous conspiracy while learning to trust each other again.

A 'Tiva' Dream Come True

The return of Tony and Ziva is a testament to the unwavering support of the global "Tiva" fanbase. "We've been talking about this story for many years," Weatherly and de Pablo shared in a statement. "This is for you!"

What to Expect:

  • High-Octane Action: The series promises thrilling action sequences as Tony and Ziva face dangerous adversaries.
  • Romantic Reunions: Fans can expect to see the couple's love story reignite amidst the chaos.
  • Family Ties: The bond between Tony, Ziva, and Tali will be a central theme of the show.
  • International Intrigue: The European setting offers a fresh and captivating backdrop for the story.

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