NCIS the ultimate investigation drama show that hits viewers the hardest

If you're a fan of NCIS on CBS, you probably remember an event that happened in season 17. None of us knew which character did it, so we were all totally shook.

NCIS the CBS series always had so many surprises, like Leroy Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) finally turning things around and opening up about his personal life from the past.

NCIS generates expectations in each episode

So, about what went down, the person in charge of the show spilled some major tea about what really happened behind the scenes. It might just clear up all those lingering questions that the fans still have. It all has to do with the cast and crew of the show.

Do you guys remember that episode of NCIS where some driver ran over Nick Torres and he had to go to the hospital? It was season 17, episode 14 called "On Fire".

NCIS Agent Nick Torres after being run over
NCIS Agent Nick Torres after being run over

If you caught the episode, you know the driver in the accident is gone. But fans are still itching to know who did it. Apparently, the show didn't reveal the actual culprit.

So, like, everyone knows that agent Bishop (Emily Wickersham) was super close to her co-worker Nick. Some people even think she might have been the one who offed him. But at the end of the episode, there was a hint that maybe it was actually Gibbs who took out the driver.

So, the executive producer of NCIS, Steven D. Binder, spilled some tea in an interview with CBS about season 17. The showrunner gave some juicy details.

On this fact, the executive producer of NCIS, Steven D. Binder in an interview with CBS about season 17 made some important revelations. This was said by the showrunner:

"A lot of people probably asked if Gibbs shot the guy at the end."

"And I'm going to take off my showrunner hat for a moment and let's just say, that's what they do on TV shows."

"If they don't show you what happened, you're left wondering. You never really know. Certainly if you watch the show, we make you believe that was the case. No doubt that's the path we took you down. ".

On NCIS anything can happen

So in episode 14, it seems like Gibbs might have been the one who took out the driver that hit Torres. Emily Wickersham, the actress, isn't totally sure who did it, but she thinks it was probably Gibbs. "They left it open-ended for viewers to decide," Wickersham added.

In most dramas, they make stuff up to get a reaction out of the audience. They keep you guessing and then hit you with a big shock when you finally find out who did the deed.

So, in episode 14, if Bishop takes out the driver who's tight with the accident victim (aka Nick), it's gonna be a shocker for the viewers. I mean, nobody would've thought that the special agent had it in her. Plus, it'd show how much she cares for her partner Nick.

Something like this happened when Ziva killed her brother to protect Gibbs. This really made an impression on the viewers.

“…And in season 17, the producers wanted Gibbs to take someone out for Ziva." But, it had to be someone super close to him to really make it dramatic, just like how Ziva sacrificed her own brother. The exec producer, Frank Cardea, said it was like two stories happening at once.

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