NCIS: Brian Dietzen promises a shocking return for Season 21 Finale

NCIS Special Agent Jimmy Palmer Hints at a Huge Surprise Fans Won't Want to Miss

NCIS Star Teases Major Surprise for Devoted Fans

The cast of the long-running CBS drama NCIS is teasing a massive surprise for the season 21 finale, including a comeback that will delight fans.

NCIS, the ever-popular CBS show with five spin-offs already and another about a young Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon) on the horizon, is nearing a major broadcasting milestone: its 1000th episode! To celebrate, the producers have cooked up a special story that reportedly ties back to the show's very first episode.

Brian Dietzen plays Jimmy Palmer on NCISĀ 
Brian Dietzen plays Jimmy Palmer on NCIS 

Fresh off the 1,000th episode celebration that included a crossover with NCIS: Hawai'i and NCIS: Los Angeles, all eyes are now on the upcoming season finale, "Reef Madness," airing May 6th. This season is shorter than usual, with only 10 episodes due to last year's strike.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Brian Dietzen, who plays the chief medical examiner Dr. Jimmy Palmer, promised a finale that will leave fans speechless. He says, like always with NCIS, the ending will have many people shocked when the credits roll. He also assured everyone that the team is very proud of what they've created.

Dietzen reassured fans that exciting moments are still to come, even with a shorter season. He feels that with only 10 episodes, each writer on the show is going all out, delivering storylines that won't disappoint.

NCIS prepares a special episode for its season finale
NCIS prepares a special episode for its season finale

One such story, according to Dietzen, puts Gary Cole's character, Alden Parker, in the spotlight in a way that Dietzen finds to be the funniest thing he's seen on the show in a long time. After reading the script, he can't wait to see how his co-star tackles the material.

Thankfully, there's more NCIS on the way! The show was recently renewed for a 22nd season this fall. Additionally, two new spin-offs are in development: a prequel about a young Leroy Gibbs narrated by Mark Harmon himself, and a present-day show that reunites fan favorites Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo.

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