Melissa Gilbert Ditched LA for a Simple Cottage Life in the Catskills: Glimpse inside Her Happy Life Now

Melissa Gilbert Ditched LA for a Simple Cottage Life in the Catskills Glimpse inside Her Happy Life Now

Melissa Gilbert left her life in the spotlight of Los Angeles for a quiet life in the Catskills.
She lives in a cottage with her husband, Tim Busfield.
The couple had to clean off mice and mold before they could call it home.
Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls in "Little House on the Prairie," has been living a quiet life out of the Hollywood limelight with her husband, Timothy Busfield.

The couple's paths crossed when they least expected it; both Gilbert and Busfield went to the same bar but were looking for different things. The actor and director said he wanted a solo night at the bar, watch sports, and eat pizza with beer.

But to his surprise, he found Gilbert sitting in his seat. He did not have the courage to speak to her since he had been out of the dating scene for a while. Even the "Little House on the Prairie" star said she did not usually go to bars alone, but she was out with a friend, and they had gone to that bar while they waited for the place they wanted to go to open.

The initial plan was for Gilbert and her friend to go dancing, but the friend left his phone at her place, leaving her alone as he went to get his phone. But fate brought her Busfield during this waiting time.

The next day, the two went out for brunch and have been inseparable since. However, this was not their first encounter. Their paths had first crossed 20 years before they met again at the bar, but the 2012 encounter changed everything. In 2013, Busfield and Gilbert tied the knot.

Melissa Gilbert and Tim Busfield | Source: Work

Melissa Gilbert and Tim Busfield | Source: Work

Gilbert moved to Michigan for her husband, but she clarified that the move was not only for love but for "self-preservation." The actress also confessed that she survived being medically disabled for a while.

She went through spine surgery and could not lift anything for weeks. Gilbert was also asked if moving to Michigan has affected her work, but the actress explained that most of her auditions have been self-tapes. Her goals were to focus on her health and her son, Michael Garrett Boxleitner.

But before finding her happily ever after with Busfield, Gilbert confessed that she almost lost her mind after her divorce from Bruce Boxleitner in 2011. She said she got "fillers and botox" and bought herself a Mustang and a young French boyfriend. "It was like, I lost my mind," she confessed.

Gilbert might not be proud of what she did in the past, but her husband made her aware that all her past mistakes have made her the woman she is today. So, instead of trying to fix what has already happened, Busfield and his wife have chosen to start a quiet life in the Catskills. For Gilbert, it feels like living her on-screen life on the prairie.

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