Kevin Costner Reveals 3 Reasons For Leaving Yellowstone

Kevin Costner Reveals Three Reasons For Yellowstone Exit

For months, rumors swirled about why Kevin Costner left the beloved TV show Yellowstone. Recently, the actor finally shared the truth about his departure, but in an unlikely setting – during a child support hearing related to his ongoing divorce proceedings.

In this article, you can discover the top three reasons that led Costner to quit Yellowstone, as well as his current focus. Keep reading to find out more.

Kevin Costner Reveals Reasons for Quitting Yellowstone During Child Support Hearing

After months of speculation, Kevin Costner finally revealed why he left the popular TV series Yellowstone. During a child support hearing for his ongoing divorce case with Christine Baumgartner, the 68-year-old actor disclosed three reasons for his unexpected departure.

Firstly, a difficult negotiation about splitting season 5 into two parts contributed to his decision to leave Yellowstone, according to People.

Secondly, Costner wanted to focus on his Western film series, Horizon: An American Saga, which clashed with filming Yellowstone twice a year. Despite changing his schedule to film the first half of season 5, the actor claimed that no scripts existed for the second part of the season.

But problems with negotiations ultimately led to Costner's third reason for quitting Yellowstone.

The actor testified during Friday's divorce hearing in Santa Barbara:

— TMZ (@TMZ) September 2, 2023

Kevin Costner's Departure from Yellowstone May Result in Legal Action

Kevin Costner had the potential to earn a staggering $12 million for each part of season 5, but chose to leave the show. Although he expressed interest in returning for season 6, he ultimately felt that he was no longer able to contribute. He explained, "We tried to negotiate, they offered me less money than previous seasons, there were issues with the creative." Despite a final negotiation attempt, the details of his compensation for the second part of Yellowstone season 5 are unknown. Costner anticipates a potential legal battle in the future.

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan expressed disappointment over Costner's departure, stating that it impacted the closure of his character. While it did not alter the character's trajectory, it did cut it short.

Taylor Sheridan Praises Kevin Costner's Yellowstone Performance Amid Controversy

Taylor Sheridan, creator of Yellowstone, had nothing but high praise for Kevin Costner's work on the show, particularly his portrayal of John Dutton. Sheridan expressed admiration for the actor's dedication to his craft and his commitment to the show.

Despite rumors that Costner's departure was caused by his recent divorce, his estranged wife, Christine, denied pressuring him to quit.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Costner's decision to leave Yellowstone was justified?

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