Kevin Costner's Yellowstone Exit: Money, Scripts, and Creative Disputes Revealed in Court

Money, Scripts, and Creative Differences: Costner's Side of the Yellowstone Story

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Kevin Costner testifying in court, revealing details about his Yellowstone exit.
Photo by Roger Kisby/Getty Images for Netflix

Actor Kevin Costner's ongoing divorce trial against estranged wife Christine Baumgartner has shed new light on his exit from the Paramount Network's hit series, Yellowstone. In court testimony on September 1st, Costner revealed the driving forces behind his decision to leave the show.

Creative Differences & Production Delays

A major point of contention was the decision to split Yellowstone's fifth season into two parts. Costner, who is also working on his Western epic, Horizon: An American Saga, expressed frustration with the lack of completed scripts for the second half of Season 5, even as the first half was still in production. He highlighted the importance of a structured production timeline in the entertainment industry, emphasizing that delays and uncertainty caused disruptions.

Financial Disagreements

Costner also revealed that financial negotiations played a role in his departure. Despite a proposed "pay or play" deal that would have guaranteed him $12 million per part of Season 5, disagreements arose regarding compensation for the sixth season. Costner claimed Yellowstone's offer was less than what he'd received in previous seasons, further complicating negotiations.

Walking Away & Potential Legal Action

Before ultimately leaving the show, Costner attempted to negotiate a payout that would have allowed him to exit amicably. However, when the production team declined his proposed terms, he made the difficult decision to walk away. He hinted at potential legal action to recover what he believes he is owed for the second half of Season 5.

Impact on the Show

Despite the behind-the-scenes drama, Costner acknowledged the immense popularity of Yellowstone and expressed some regret over not being a part of its ongoing success. The show remains the #1 series on television, and Costner's departure has undoubtedly left fans and industry insiders speculating about the future of his character, John Dutton.

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