Kevin Costner Had Planned for a Longer Run: "I Thought I Was Going to Do Seven Seasons" on Yellowstone

Actor Expected to Stay for Seven Seasons, Opens Up About Potential Return

Actor Opens Up About His Expected Duration on the Paramount Drama

Veteran actor Kevin Costner is shedding light on the upcoming conclusion of a popular ranch drama.

The 69-year-old star portrayed the leading role of family head John Dutton on the show, and he also held a behind-the-scenes creative role for the initial four and a half seasons of the Paramount Network series Yellowstone.

Costner left the series due to disagreements about money and creative direction with the show's co-creator, Taylor Sheridan.

At a recent industry event, Costner discussed the final season and his initial expectation of a longer run than just five seasons.

"I'd be interested, but things haven't worked out," he told a reporter. "I thought I'd be part of it for seven [seasons] but currently we're at five. So, how it goes - I hope it continues - but they have many other projects in the works. Maybe it will. Maybe our paths will cross again. If that happens and it feels like a good fit, I'd be happy to return."

He's even contemplated how his character's story might end.

"Well, you know, he needs to take charge of what happens, and I've had some ideas about how it might unfold," Costner added, acknowledging, "but that's Taylor's call. I mentioned those ideas to him a while back. I had thoughts about how it could play out, but we'll just have to wait and see."

It's unclear at this point whether Costner will indeed return to the show, as filming for the final season hasn't begun yet. Stay tuned for updates!

Another actor from the ranch drama also spoke about their potential return for the final episodes, which are expected to premiere in November.

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