Keanu Reeves: Putting Family First - A Brother Who Goes Above and Beyond

Actor Prioritized Sister's Health Over Career, Donated Millions to Leukemia Research

Keanu Reeves: Putting Family First

Keanu Reeves devoted his time and energy to his siblings, putting fame and wealth aside. After their father abandoned them at a young age, Keanu felt a significant responsibility to keep the family together.

In 1991, when Keanu's career was at its zenith, his sister Kim was diagnosed with leukemia. The then shooting star sold his home to move closer to Kim and provide her with constant support, including cleaning her house, preparing her meals, and administering her treatments.

"My brother is my champion. He listens to every word, every nuance I say."

It took ten years for Kim to fully recover. Throughout those years, Keanu was there for her, putting his career on hold.

Keanu Reeves, the Devoted Brother

The "Matrix" star donated a majority of his earnings from the first "Matrix" film to fund leukemia research. His initial salary for the film was $45 million. He preferred to remain anonymous and not have his name attached to the donation. Only years later did the story become public.

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