John Travolta proves he's still got his “Saturday Night Fever” moves - in a sweet throwback dance with his daughter

John Travolta channels his inner Tony Manero for a nostalgic moment with his daughter Ella

Travolta's Timeless Moves! Disco Dances with Daughter Take the Internet By Storm

When Saturday Night Fever boogied onto the scene in 1977, it became a worldwide phenomenon. This can be seen in the way the popularity of groove music and its accompanying dance styles soared. Plus, this is the film that catapulted John Travolta to superstardom.

Many moons have passed since the release of this movie, but its impact is still undeniable. And after a delightful video that John Travolta shared of him and his daughter, it's also clear that the actor can still bust a move!

Enduring appeal of Saturday Night Fever can be attributed to many factors, including its themes of self-expression. But it also became so beloved thanks to Travolta's phenomenal dance skills and star power. In fact, his performance earned him a nomination for the Best Actor Academy Award! Decades may have passed since he donned his dancing shoes for the film, but he couldn't be more thrilled to lace them back up for an adorable video with Ella Travolta.

Ella is the eldest daughter of Travolta and his late wife, Kelly Preston. Like her parents, she's also passionate about pursuing an acting career. And based on the above video with her dad, it seems she also inherited some of his fantastic dancing talents!

“Thanks to my daughter, Ella, for being such a fantastic dance partner,” Travolta writes.

John Travolta and Daughter, Ella, Delight Fans With Adorable Dance

Fans of both Travolta and his daughter were absolutely charmed by this sweet video!

“I ADORE YOUR FATHER-DAUGHTER BOND!!!!” one fan shares. “Reminds me of my relationship with my father who passed away way too soon… TREASURE IT.”

“Love it. Thank you for sharing your dance with your daughter,” another fan writes.

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