It's Not JUST the Short Shorts: Top 10 Reasons This Is The Best Show Ever

magnum short shorts tv series

I hate summer TV. Very boring. I despise reality shows, so I really want to watch a good show this summer. It's hot and grumpy weather, so I'm looking for bright, fun entertainment. While my husband and friends watch missed episodes of Downtown Abbey (snoring...), I prefer mysteries (detective shows), especially if they're funny. .

Found the perfect nostalgic show streaming on Netflix this summer.

Set in the late 70's to early 80's, this character-driven humorous drama (dramatic comedy, isn't it?) has timeless appeal thanks to a good script and great chemistry between the cast members. And, of course, the piece was written and produced by Donald Bellisario, a name associated with other popular series such as BlackSheep Squadron, JAG, and the current hit NCIS.

If you're a friend, you probably already know this show because I recently showered you with fun facts about it. When I told a friend about this the other day, he laughed and said, "Ew, he (the main character) used to wear short shorts like that!" While I question the validity of my friendship with someone who doesn’t find the man in the short shorts attractive, that’s not the only reason I love

Did you get it?

This is one of the best shows ever broadcast on network television.

Magnum P.I., baby. That is correct. pure awesome-ness.

Magnum PI tom selleck

Clearly I've spent too much time watching this show. n/a.

See observations and trivia below for evidence.

#1 Greatest Theme Song of All Time. Not the original used in the pilot or the first few episode. It's even better. And it's a whole minute long. So cool.

#2 Breaking the Fourth Wall – Magnum stares at the audience in a humorous moment. Taking itself less seriously = Success.

#3 Magnum's wonderful curly hair.

#4 Life in paradise. Mansion guest house, rad Ferrari, breathtaking surroundings. If you can't go to paradise, watch it.

#5 Ferrari. I love this car!!!! For the trivia nerds out there, it looks like he drove two of his models, his 1978 carbureted 308 GTS and his 1983 308 GTSi QV. I stole this information from somewhere on the internet. Vroom!

#5 Magnum's 9 Lives - For a former Special Forces operative, Magnum is pretty clumsy. It’s endearing. Despite this, he has a catlike ability to escape calamity.

#6 Higgins, or TC calls him Higgy Baby. I love the whimsical Majordomo. He + Magnum = Greatest frenemies Ever. Despite proving their friendship in a dramatic and life-saving episode, they soon return to comical antagonism. Note: John Hillerman (Higgins' real name) is not British at all. He was born in Texas. Yee-Haw!

#7 TC and Rick. Brothers from another mother. They survived Vietnam together & T.C., Rick and Magnum have each other’s backs. Without Rick’s Chicago mob ties, TC’s helicopter & their willingness to jump into his cases Magnum’s success rate as a P.I. would not be nearly so high.

#8 Magnum's self-deprecating manner. Apparently Selleck's character was originally written to be more macho. He wasn't a star yet, but he lobbied for a less “superhero” character. result? The funny, often-gets-his-butt-kicked, integrity filled Magnum we love today. Well, I love him anyway.

#9 The way Magnum holds his gun. It looks like a toy. At 6'1" I guess most handguns look small enough to be toys. It always looks like a water gun to me.

#10 The short Shorts. Come on guys. You didn't think I was gonna ignore those, did you? Somehow he carries it off. TC and Rick's unbuttoned shirts make this list too. Was this really the style??

magnum short shorts

Apart from my ten most superficial reasons, I have to say wathcing Magnum P.I. , I love the moral side of this show. The main characters are sincere people. They are honorable, loyal to their friends, and determined to work for justice. We can all use friends like these guys.

And don't you think they're fun people to hang out with?

Summer is coming to an end. Some of my "real" shows will be airing again soon. But until then, I'm going to hang out with Magnum and his friends, as they clear Hawaii of the bad guys.

  1. Norbert Pohl says:

    When you're talking about his gun, you mention 6'1, assuming you mean his height. Tom Selleck is 6'4.

  2. Mary says:

    Love this series the first time I saw and NEVER missed an episode and I can watch them anytime I want !
    Now here's the funny thing how could they put on a new Magnum PI with the small guy they have playing Tom now?!?! Its ridiculous! That guy doesn't even come close,not even in the same universe!!!!
    Tom Selleck has been my fantasy guy for over 40 years and he will continue to be,my husband had no problem with it and I had no problem with him having a fantasy woman but he was fickle he changed his fantasy a lot I'm not that way same fantasy no getting me to change!

  3. Charles Seaton says:

    Loved the show from the first time l saw it. I really thought it was something special after l learned how good Selleck was to the cast and crew.

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