Amber Marshall Reflects on Heartland's Longevity and Connection with Fans: "I Don't Know If I Could Ever Find a Better Job Than This"

Finding Hope After Loss: Amber Marshall on Her Heartland Family and Amy's New Love Story


Amber Marshall has been portraying Amy Fleming for more than 15 years on the beloved drama Heartland. The series is based on the bestselling books and follows the Bartlett-Fleming family and is set in the picturesque backdrop along the rolling foothills of the Rockies in the fictional town of Hudson, Alberta.

Marshall took a break from filming season 17 to reflect on Heartland's longevity and generational connection, as well as tease what's to come.

On the vibe on set for season 17: "We really have become quite the family because we have been together for so many years. The funny connection between it is we are actually playing a family on TV. We genuinely care about each other."

On Amy's evolution: "It’s a rare opportunity that an actor gets to play a character for this long. To be able to grow as a person simultaneously with my character’s growth has been cool."

On Amy's daughter Lyndy: "The show was dealt a devastating blow with Robert’s passing. Your character was so intertwined with his character Finn as seen in season 16. Fans wanted to see these two end up together long-term. You talk about being family on set. How has it been moving forward?"

On season 16: "I believe that season 16 allowed Amy the opportunity to move forward with her life. After the death of her husband Ty [Borden] (Graham Wardle), there were a few seasons we wanted to spend honoring his legacy and their relationship and connection."

On the future for Amy and Sam: "I think it’s always important when you have a female character who has been through love and loss to have characters that are always kind of there. When there is always that potential of asking, “Is there going to be something that happens?” You never know."

On how long she sees herself playing Amy: "I love this character. Not even the character, but this lifestyle. Heartland has one of the nicest environments that I have been in when it comes to a film set. We primarily film outdoors in beautiful locations. Every day I show up to work it’s breathtaking."

On the show's success: "I think fans are really looking for a nice, wholesome, family show that they can sit down together and watch and not be worried about the content. Not have to explain things to their kids."

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