Ty Borden IRL: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Heartland's Graham Wardle

The Man Behind Ty Borden Has a Life Full of Adventure, Creativity, and Self-Discovery


For "Heartland" fans, the love story between Amy Fleming and Ty Borden was a central part of the show's charm. Graham Wardle's portrayal of Ty captivated audiences, making his character's sudden departure in Season 14 all the more shocking. But who is the man behind the ranch hand?

Born:September 6, 1986
Birthplace:Mission, Canada
Height:180 cm (5′ 11″)
Weight:76 kg (Estimated)
Net Worth:$3 million (estimated)

1. Accidental Actor

Graham Wardle's acting career wasn't planned. At six years old, he and his mom unknowingly wandered into a children's audition. He landed a toy commercial, sparking a successful acting journey.

Actor Graham Wardle from Heartland TV series

2. Beyond Heartland

Heartland isn't Wardle's only claim to fame. The Canadian actor graced the popular show Supernatural for two episodes. He's also appeared in The New Addams Family, Life as We Know It, and Land of the Women alongside Hollywood stars.

3. Author

Wardle is a published author! His book, Find Your Truth, details his life experiences and emotions. It also features his stunning photography. Proceeds benefit Sophie's Place, a British Columbia charity.

4. Football's Influence

A 2003 football concussion steered Wardle's path towards acting. Though already passionate about the arts, the injury solidified his decision to pursue acting professionally.

Actor Graham Wardle sitting down on a sofa during an interview

5. Quick Learner

Despite playing a horseback rider on Heartland, Wardle had never ridden a horse before filming. His first lesson came just days before! He showed up in shorts and sneakers, thankfully, the costume department provided proper boots.

Profile photo of actor Graham Wardle

6. Charitable Soul

Beyond acting, Wardle is dedicated to charity work. He's generously donated to and volunteered for various organizations. Examples include raising funds for male sexual abuse survivors and flood relief efforts.

Ty Borden from Heartland riding a horse

7. Motorcycle Enthusiast

Combining his love for charity and motorcycles, Wardle co-founded "Cruise With A Cause," an annual motorcycle ride raising money for local charities.

Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall) and Ty Borden (Graham Wardle) on Heartland

8. Educated Artist

Wardle honed his craft at Capilano University's Motion Picture and Production Program. He graduated in 2007 after three years of film school.

9. Multifaceted Artist

Wardle is an actor, filmmaker, and photographer. He co-produced a film, The Vessel, and co-founded Lone Maverick, a production company. Photography is another creative outlet for him.

Graham Wardle and his wife
Graham Wardle and his ex-wife, Alison.

10. Podcast Host

Wardle has his own podcast, "Time Has Come." Launched in 2020, it features guests discussing life's journeys and various topics.

Bonus Facts:

  • Graham Wardle is not married to Amber Marshall in real life.
  • He was previously married but is currently single.
  • His tattoos say "Know Yourself" and "Be Yourself."
  • He left Heartland to pursue new opportunities in his acting career.

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