Gibbs' Final Moments with the Team//NCIS 19x04

When Ziva left I cried, then Anthony (Tony) left I cried, then Abby left and I was bawling like a small child. I have been watching this series since the day it aired and I saw a lot of characters, people I had grown up loving come and go from this series but Gibbs was always my number one and I never thought I would see the day he would actually leave this wonderful show and if I was bawling in 2018 when Abby left you can imagine how I was and still am when I saw this episode. All I have to say is Thank Leroy Jethro Gibbs for everything you did for me and for others.

ncis gibbs

While sad to see him go, Gibbs telling McGee that he'd found a peace that he hadn't had since the loss of his family makes his leaving more understandable. May you find that peace, Gibbs. And thanks, Mark for 18 great years.

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