Cole Hauser on Yellowstone Fame, Rip Wheeler's Impact, and the Future of the Show

The 'Yellowstone' star opens up about his newfound fame, fan reactions, and what's next for Rip.

Yellowstone Rip Actor Cole Hauser

Veteran actor Cole Hauser has graced the screen for over three decades, starring in notable films like "Dazed and Confused" and "Pitch Black." However, it's his portrayal of the stoic ranch hand and enforcer, Rip Wheeler, in the hit series "Yellowstone" that has catapulted him to household name status.

In a recent interview with Esquire, Hauser expressed his gratitude for the passionate fanbase that "Yellowstone" has cultivated. He finds the viewers' dedication "quite special" and appreciates their unwavering support for the show and his character.

Cole Hauser loves the fans' reaction to the series

Despite the show's shift in focus towards politics in recent seasons, "Yellowstone" continues to captivate audiences. Hauser, along with his fellow cast members, is thrilled with the fans' continued love for the Dutton family and their ranch hands.

"I never expected Rip to become this beloved (and sometimes hated!) anti-hero."

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Cole Hauser's "Yellowstone" Journey

Hauser initially harbored concerns about a potential dip in viewership between Season 4 and Season 5. However, he was pleasantly surprised to witness the show's fanbase grow even stronger. He attributes this growth to the engaging characters and compelling storylines that resonate with viewers.

The impact of "Yellowstone" extends beyond Hauser's acting career. The show's popularity inspired him to launch his own coffee brand, a venture he considers an "honor." This demonstrates the profound influence that "Yellowstone" has had on his life and career.

While Season 5, Part 2 of "Yellowstone" has encountered production delays, Hauser remains optimistic about the show's future. He eagerly awaits the return of the series, where Rip Wheeler will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the Dutton family's ongoing saga.

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