Blue Bloods Fan-Favorite Character Won’t Return in S14

Blue Bloods got renewed for season 14, but with cast pay cuts and some character departures.

Blue Bloods Renewed for Season 14, But With Changes Ahead

Blue Bloods Renewed for Season 14, But Says Goodbye to Familiar Faces

Loyal fans of the long-running police drama "Blue Bloods" can rejoice! The show has been renewed for a 14th season. However, the renewal came at a cost, with cast and crew taking a 25% salary cut. The good news comes with a bittersweet twist – several beloved characters won't be returning.

Cast Shakeup

The press release confirming the renewal revealed a shift in the cast. While most core characters, including the Reagan family, are confirmed to return, five actors will not be back for season 14. Here's a breakdown of the departing cast:

  • Abigail Hawk (Abigail Baker): A fan favorite, Detective Baker's absence leaves a void. Her expressive presence and the hope for a more prominent storyline in season 14 are both dearly missed.
  • Dylan Walsh (Mayor Chase): The Mayor's character departs, potentially impacting the show's exploration of political dynamics within the NYPD.
  • Tony Terraciano (Jack Reagan): Youngest Reagan sibling Jack exits the scene.
  • Steve Schirripa (Anthony Abetemarco): The departure of DA Investigator Abetemarco removes a familiar face from the legal side of the NYPD's operations.
  • Gregory Jbara (Deputy Commissioner Moore): Deputy Commissioner Moore's absence may affect the show's portrayal of internal police department politics.

The absence of Abigail Hawk, who portrayed the popular Detective Baker, is a particular blow for many fans. Her character's potential for further development in season 14 is now sadly lost.

Returning Cast:

  • The core Reagan family: Tom Selleck (Frank Reagan), Donnie Wahlberg (Danny Reagan), Bridget Moynahan (Erin Reagan), Will Estes (Jamie Reagan), and Len Cariou (Henry Reagan)
  • Mainstays like Marisa Ramirez (Maria Baez) and Vanessa Ray (Eddie Janko-Reagan)
John Paul Filo/CBS

Looking Ahead to Season 14

Despite the cast changes, season 14 promises to deliver the character-driven storylines that fans have come to expect. While details about overarching plotlines remain under wraps, viewers can look forward to seeing how the remaining cast members navigate new challenges.

  1. blank Josey says:

    The show will not be the same without Anthony. What a shame to come back minus one of the best characters on the show. I hope Blue Bloods brass rethnks this one.

  2. blank Robert Fleming says:

    Well this suuuuucks!

  3. blank Geraldine Rapson says:

    It’s really sad to mess up one of the best shows on television. As they say “Don’t fix what isn’t broken “.

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