Heartland Star Amber Marshall Works Just as Hard Off Screen

The Actress Talks Trucks, Animals, and Why She Loves the Farm Life

Heartland's Amber Marshall Works Hard On and Off Screen

Amber Marshall, who plays Amy on the beloved CBC drama, runs a ranch with her husband! They work the fields together just like on the show.

Heartland Star Amber Marshall Is a Real-Life Ranch Hand

Amber Marshall, the beloved lead of CBC's long-running drama "Heartland," isn't just going through the motions. While viewers are enthralled by her performance as Amy Fleming, a veterinarian who has a deep love for horses, there's more to Marshall than what appears on screen.

A Real-Life Cowgirl

Marshall's dedication goes far beyond the filming location. In fact, there are strong similarities between her and her character. Just like Amy, Marshall is a self-described "cowgirl at heart" who has a genuine affection for animals. This passion isn't just an act; Marshall comes from a ranching background and even owns a powerful truck to help out with her farm chores.

Hard Work on and Off Set

The actress has been praised for her skill, including winning a Canadian Screen Award in 2013. But awards aside, Marshall puts emphasis on the effort that goes into the show. She acknowledges the pressures of filming while hinting at the difficulties of managing a ranch with her husband.

Beyond Heartland

Marshall's commitment isn't just for her work on "Heartland." Fans can catch a peek into her real life through her various projects. Her YouTube channel, "Ramblin' Rides With Amber," offers a glimpse into her ranching life, while her series, "Amber's Country Kitchen," shows off another side of her abilities.

Amber Marshall's work ethic and love for the way of life she portrays on screen are a winning combination. She is a true cowgirl, both on and off the set, and her dedication is a big reason why "Heartland" is such a lasting success.

  1. Joe Clemmons says:

    Don't know why I feel such an attachment to you but ever since someone hijacked your website and carried on a fake conversation, I've felt a sincere, friendly attachment. I just feel that you're a wholehearted, genuine, loving person. Good luck on whatever path you choose to take and HOLD on to those family values and always keep those values in the forefront WHATEVER path you choose! I'll be watching! LY, Joe!

  2. Nora says:

    Amber Marshall, is true to her beliefs she works hard on the ranch as she does on her program with a HEARTLAND Miss Marshall seems to come across as a caring person to her fans. She always takes time and consideration to everything she does

  3. Terry Ruth says:

    A wonderful woman that works hard and loves The Creator’s creation.

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