A 15 minute presentation for Dead Island 2

Earlier today, a presentation was held for the upcoming Dead Island 2. The presentation began with a longer filmed sequence that would certainly create some kind of atmosphere before showing the game itself. The game itself takes place as you know in Los Angeles and gives players the opportunity to slau*ghter zombies with a lot of different weapon combinations.

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Dead Island 2 releases on April 28 for PlayStation, Xbox and Windows.

We got to go hands on with the game at Gamescom 2022 and came away reasonably impressed by what Dambuster had to show at the time. In our Dead Island 2 preview I wrote:

“Having spent a long time shying away from the spotlight, it’s great to see Dead Island 2 reappearing with a newfound confidence and swagger. This isn’t a game that’s still got years of development to go – it’s slated for February next year – it’s not trying to figure out what it wants to be and it’s not looking over its shoulders for what rivals are doing. It’s a straight up, pulpy melee zombie game.”

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